About This Project

Last year my office had a team-building day. To kick it off we were supposed to say our names, something we wanted to do this summer, and something we wanted to do sometime in the future. I said my name (hey, I’m JoAnna), what I wanted to do this summer (go to the beach) and then without thinking, I said what I wanted to do sometime in the future. 

My mom at the moment is hoping I said that I want to go to law school, get a good job and support her in her old age. Sorry, Mom!!! Instead, I stated confidently that I would like to knit a sweater from scratch, starting with shearing the sheep. My co-workers looked at me like the wacko-banunu person I apparently am and asked the obvious question: where will you find a sheep???

I asked myself a more important question: where the heck had that declaration come from? It is my experience that if you say something out loud it stops being make-believe and starts being something that people start asking you why you haven’t finished yet. I immediately saw that I was in trouble.

This blog came out of that and other trouble I have gotten myself into (e.g. saying I was going to apply for law school and get a doula certification).  I finished the sweater (it turned out alright), got into law school (serious, free-ride success, that one) and (sort of) got the doula certification.  

Now the blog lives on to chart my progress with knitting and other crafting adventures, with my goal to survive the law school craziness and with anything feminist/birth/life-related that might pop up.  No deadlines anymore...just life...

You can reach me at:

Twitter: JoAnnaJae 
Email:  sheepishlyambitious@gmail.com