Knitting Inspiration: Home Decor

I wrote about decorating my law school apartment here.  Now that I am out of law school and living in a new place, I am back to looking at knitting-related home decor.  And it's gotten easier to find, as knitting has wheedled its way into the mainstream and into more than just afghan throws.

For example, Crate and Barrel has it in all sorts of things.

Sweater Knit Planter
Knitted Pouf
I'm kind of into giant knit rugs and blankets the most, though.  Look at this rug:

You can see it being knit here.
Or this one, made from t-shirt yarn!

From Inspiration & Realisation

I also like the idea of huge, fluffy blankets all over the house.

This website has info about the giant yarn used to knit this blanket, as well as baskets, rugs, pillows, etc.

OK, now ish gets real.  This is a chair.  With a BUILT IN BLANKET!

My only question about this chair is: how do you wash it?

This is my favorite.
Technically, I think that's crochet, but we will let it slide this time.

Finally, how about some outdoor knitting?

How does the dirt not fall out of this basket?

Hmm, lots of options....