Yarn From Afar

My former roomie, went to Kathmandu this summer to do some amazing public health work, abandoning me in the U.S.  While she was seeing beautiful things like this:

I was working in a cubical.  Pft!

I think she took pity on me, because she brought be back the best souvenirs.

400 yards of yak and what appears to be tufts of gold silk.

It is full of vegetable matter and is pretty grubby.  I am in love with it, because I know it is going to plump up and be gorgeous once it is knit up and has a bath.

She also brough back 100 yards of what appears to be sari silk.
The colors in this pic aren't quite right.  It is beautiful magenta more like this.

With all kinds of golds and blues mixed in.  I might just wear this one around my neck as a necklace.  Don't judge.

Now that I am spinning my own yarn, I can't help but think of how much time effort the women (I assume they are women) halfway around the world put into these skeins.  Roomie said she found them in a little shop in an ally at the back of the market.  What a precious, good find!

Thanks, roomie!