I ended my summer with a trip to Maine.  It was beautiful.

Cundy's Harbor in Harpswell, Maine
And I made some friends.

 We met on a boat.

 I liberated them from their cages.
 They came home with me in the car.
 We got along...mostly.

 There was also yarn in Maine, at Halcyon Yarn.
 So much yarn!

And fiber, too!
Yes, that is all fiber you can see there.
 I ended up with:
A new basic spindle and a couple more bobbins.
A big ball of silk/merino mix (because I am obsessed with a good silk/merino)

What appears to be a giant dust bunny but is really Yak.  I honestly don't know what came over me with this purchase.  I have no clue how to spin it or what it will look like when it's done.
This is alpaca.  Nate made me do it.  Kept being like, "ooo, it's so soft and such a pretty color."  He's an enabler.
 I wanted to show you the difference between these last two fibers.  On the right is the alpaca and on the left is the yak.  Look how short and fuzzy the yak is compared to the alpaca.


And look at the difference between 4 ounces of yak on the left compared to 4 ounces of alpaca on the right.

 Any tips on how to spin either of these?  I have no clue what I'm doing.