Less Studying, More Knitting

Oh, I know what you're thinking.  It has been more than a month since I have posted any knitting I've done.  You probably think I've given up on my strange hobby to do something more productive with my life like studying for Biostatistics class or actually making a living wage. 

Ha! That will be the day!

I have been busy knitting, though.  Look what a feisty photographer caught me doing at a work function.
I will admit that I laughed hysterically when I saw this.  Holding forth on the privacy and security implications of connected vehicle technologies, in a business suit, while knitting.  Exactly how I would always like the world to see me.

I had some A WHOLE LOT OF yarn laying around this summer, and this pattern called Pea Vines by the lovely Anne Hanson.  She makes these truly beautiful and complicated, yet easy-to-follow patterns. 

I truly believe that worsted weight is the queen of yarns (things just spring up so quickly under my needles with such fat yarn!) so even though the pattern called for fingering, I just went up a couple of needle sizes and went for it.

Here it is before blocking.
Is the right smaller than the left?

And after.
I think it just might be bad blocking and bad photography, but I can't be sure.

What I didn't realize is that it would take soooo much more yarn than was called for to knit with worsted on big needles.  After already using 100 yards more than called for with fingering, I got within 5 rows of the end and ran out.  Since I obviously have no respect for myself or the 100 hours I put into this garment or patience for a more elegant solution, I just grafted what was left of the two sides together (there are  some of you out there literally ready to kill me for ruining such a perfect pattern....I'm so sorry Anne).
I thought I was so smart until I realized that I grafted it inside out so the purl side is on the outside...crap.  But I think it looks alright all the same.  Again, lack of respect and patience made me not worry about picking it apart to fix it.
But I think it blocked out ok. 
 Now, off to see where else I can get caught knitting in public!