Slouchy Cabled Hat

I don't really wear hats.  Even in the winter, I am much more likely to pull up my hood or throw my scarf over my head babushka style than wear a hat.  But when it comes to knitting, I love me a hat.  Something basic with a little flair for interest.  The fatter the yarn, the better.  Bright colors preferred.  And then I just crank them out.

This one is called Quick Cabled Slouch by Azure.

I didn't take the instructions with me so ended up doing it completely wrong.  There are only supposed to be six cables instead of twelve, with intervening sections of socking stitch.

The the top I just made up, since having too many cables meant that I didn't have a graceful place to put my deacreases.

I do like it though.  The right amount of slouch.  The yarn is more pink in person.  Made from KnitPicks Swish bulky, so the yarn is smooth with a little bit of silk in it. 

This one is going in the gift bin as well.  Perhaps with matching mitts?