Ravelympics Smack Down

Because everyone seems to be talking about it, thought I would mention the U.S. Olympic Committee's cease and desist order against Ravelry (an online community for knitters) for using the name "Ravelympics."  They had the nerve to refer to the knitters' use of the name as "denigrat[ing] the true nature of the Olympic Games,” and as "disrespectful to our country’s finest athletes and fails to recognize or appreciate their hard work.”

The Yarn Harlot did a really thoughtful response to the knitterly anger over the letter.  I agree with what she says.  My only problem with her piece is one comment a reader made:
Amen. As an attorney, I certainly understand the trademark issue at stake and agree that they had to defend the mark. Designers certainly should applaud this stance as well. I think the law clerks unfortunate comparison is what draws so much ire. I just hope it is a teachable moment for him in always considering the multiple audiences for any communication (and that he is not one to be smug about it when he returns to law school in the fall).

Why you gotta blame the law clerk, yo?