Decorating the Car

I mentioned that I went to visit my dad and sister in New York a couple of weekends ago.  My sister is even artsier than I am and so we decided to do a project together.  Her car roof fabric was falling down.  It was very annoying, especially when it flapped in the wind when the windows were down.  So we got ourselves some yarn and pins and started to decorate it.

We started from the middle and worked our way out.

My dad joined in.  We each had our own style that looked slightly different.

I think it looked pretty cool.  Unfortunately, my sister then bricked her car the following week.  She was heart broken over the lack of transportation.  I was heartbroken that our hours of work was taken to the scrap yard. 

In happier news, if you are looking for someone to decorate the ceiling of your car, I'm your girl!