Back in DC

Soooo sorry for the radio silence.  Let's see...what have I been up to for the last month?

I made 100 pounds of homemade, organic dog food.  The things I do for the dolla billz...

I did journal write-on while sitting next to the pool.  Write-on is a writing competition for masochists that didn't get enough of an ass-kicking from law school and decided to spend two weeks of their summer getting a little more.

Visited the new Martin Luther King Junior memorial with Jha.  Interesting tribute.  Obviously, I also learned to use Instagram: way less important but also interesting.

Went to NYC and saw the World Trade Center Memorial.  Last time I was there was 2002 and it was a big pile of sad, dusty rubble.  Now it is still sad, but also hopeful.  It will be nice when all the construction is done around it.
 There was a whole bunch of knitting and wool-based adventures in there, too.  More on that coming soon.

I also started back at the U.S. Department of Transportation, this time as an intern in my agency's law office.  I am going to  be blogging about it over at my old site, Girl Intern.  There is some funny stuff on there from my previous internships.  Should be a good time.