Merit Badge

I found this little pattern on Ravelry called Merit Badge.  Essentially, you knit little octagons,

take old buttons you have

Cover the button with the fabric and sew it tight around the back
And then decorate the front with anything you like.
I sent this one to my mom for Mother's Day (in addition to other things, don't worry).  It's kinda awkward-looking, but she was kind and said she liked it anyway as is the tradition of the day (I think she was just pleased it wasn't a macaroni necklace).

I am in the process of making about a million of them because they are a quick and easy way to use up yarn odds and ends.  I am not very artistic, though, and don't really know what to decorate them with.  Here is one I found online that I like:

Designed by AMANDA OCHOCKI, &
Taking suggestions.  A cow, maybe?  Hmm...