Weekend Update: Color Run

Saturday morning, I got up with thousands of other Atlantans and ran a 5K Color Run.  This is what I looked like at the beginning of the day.

I ran with a group of students from Rollins School of Public Health.  Thanks to Laura for taking these lovely pictures that I have shamelessly stolen from your facebook page.
That's me yawning on the right there.  I am obviously way into this whole running on a Saturday morning thing.

At each kilometer mark, people along the edge of the course threw colored powder at you.
This is obviously the purple station.  There was yellow, then green, then pink, then purple.

The volunteers had buckets of the stuff.  The powder was floating down the street, coloring the cement and passing cars.

At the end, all the runners had packets of colored powder to throw up in the air.

This is what I looked like at the end of the day.
I've been washing colored powder out of my ears for three days now.  And I had to paint my nails to hide the fact that my fingers are stained pink.  My clothes seem to have washed out ok.

It would be cool to have a Color Run colorway in a nice fingering weight yarn.  I would totally knit a stole or socks that looked like this.