Purple Sweater in Progress

Hey guys, I apologize.  I mentioned that I did this knit-along almost two months ago and then never said another word.  Here is my progress in a series of progressively worse photos.



It's also a nice study in the disaster that is the haircut I am trying to grow out.  And in how to use your head to cover up the inappropriate art work you have hanging in front of the only mirror in your house.

It's the Classic Raglan Pullover from Jane Richmond in Cascade 220 in colorway "Regal."  I am working on that left sleeve.  It's taking so long, I am considering just making it a short sleeve.  I cast on fewer stitches under the armpits than the pattern called for.  Makes it wonky at first glance, but once I put it on it seems alright.  Also, I might make it a little longer, but I will block it first and see if it grows at all.

Also, I might have signed up for another knit-along.  I never learn.