Knit Along?

I am not much of a joiner.  Or rather, I like to do my knitting alone so no one can know what terrible TV I watch while crafting.  But lately I've been trying to make my knitting a more social activity.  I've started going to a weekly knitting group hosted by the Emory law librarians.*  I try to teach other people to knit when they let me.

And now I am going to do this knit along with Canadian Living Craft Blog.

No, I don't usually read Canadian Living.  I just happen to really like the pattern they are making and have a sweater's worth of purple Cascade 220 stuffed under my bed just screaming for a purpose. 
The pattern is the Classic Raglan Pull-Over by Jane Richmond.  Doesn't it look like a favorite sweater just waiting to happen?
Joining a knit-along will help me with any trouble I run into and will hopefully give me the motivation I need to get it done.  They've given themselves six weeks to do it.  A sweater in six weeks?  I can do that, right?**

*For some reason knitting and books just seem to go well together).
**Answer: Probably not.  My current knitting project has been on the needles since last June....