Weekend Update: Back in the ATL

I survived the first week back to school.  But first, my bestie came for a visit.  We went to the CNN Center:

This is the news room.  There are several hundred researchers who focus on different topic or areas of the world.  They discover news and then send it over to that big red desk in the background where it is edited and sent to the news casters.  The average turn-around time is in minutes, not hours.
Jha met Anderson Cooper.

I added to my collection of JoAnna Hugging Statutes of Older White Men (seriously, I have a reputation).  This is  Baron Pierre De Coubertin, considered the father of the modern Olympics, in the Olympic Centennial Park.

This is John Pemberton.  He founded Coca-Cola.  He's in front of the Coke Museum (World of Coca-Cola).
 The rest of my week was WAY less exciting.