New Year's Resolution-ish Thingies 2012

Last year I made some pseudo New Year's Resolutions (NYRs).  Testiment to the fact that I think NYRS are pretty silly, I wrote them and then promptly forgot about them.  I have literally not looked back at them until right this moment.  Oops.

So did I accomplish them?  Um, sort of.  Here they are:
  • In the Knitting Category:  Learn to knit socks. (also see: what the heck is the Kitchener Stitch?!?!) - I did not knit a single sock, or actually even try.  I am still just not that interested in them.  I think it is because my track record for producing things of the right size is not particularly good.  If I spend all that time making socks, I want to be able to produce a sock that at least remotely resembles the size of my foot.  Scarves, hats, and even mittens are so much more forgiving.  Thus, this year became the year of the hats, witnessed by the million bajillion I made of them.  Will have to add socks back on next year's list.  I DID learn to Kitchener, though, to much success in the Cruiser mittens.  WIN!
  • In the Haven't-Been-Out-of-the-Country-in-Four-Years-and-This-Won't-Even-Actually-Break-That-Streak Category:  Go to Puerto Rico.  Yea, I didn't go to Puerto Rico.  But I did go to Europe (including a wonderful trip to Paris) so I officially got out of the country.
  • In the Healthy-Things-that-Some-People-Seem-to-Like-Doing-Category:  run slash do ANY amount of exercise.  Ha!  I took up yoga (sort of).  That counts, yes?
  • Get into grad school.   Woot!
  • Knit a sweater.  Double woot!
  • Ski.   Nope.
  • Write a knitting pattern and sell it.  Double nope.
OK, so my NYR-ish thingies for this year:
  • In the Knitting Category - Socks are still on the list.  And a sweater that fits.  I actually ended up giving the sweater I made to my mom because it fits her a lot better than it fits me (will post the pictures tomorrow).  And for kicks, I'm gonna learn the brioche stitch, because I heart non-food that sounds like pastries (which is why I attended Torts class with such zeal).
  • In the Other-Crafts-People-Think-I'm Bonkers-for-Doing Category - acquire a spinning wheel and actually spin.  It's been almost a year since I've done ANY spinning let alone on a wheel.  Gonna do it.  I've also given up on doing knitting patterns.  But the page that is visited the most on this site is "How to Make a Vagina Pillow."  It's so popular, in fact, that I might make up a pattern/better tutorial and possibly put together kits for people to buy.  What do you think?
  • In the Healthy-Things-that-Some-People-Seem-to-Like-Doing-Category - Gonna keep up with the yoga.  I feel/look like an idiot doing it (I can't even touch my toes and corpse pose is the only one I'm very good at) but I am convinced that there are positive outcomes.  Running, though?  Still not convinced that the benefits outweigh the pain of getting started, no matter how many people tell me they are "addicted to the runner's high." 
In the category of things that aren't really resolutions but I want to put them out there anyway:
  • Get a cool internship for next summer.  Or at least AN internship if not a particularly cool one.  Working on it already.  The corollary to this is that I would like to get funding for it (it is nice to be able to buy food, no?)
  • Be thrilled about law school.  It was a less-than-thrilling semester because, well, it's law school.  I am now determined to answer any question someone asks about law school with something positive.  For example:  "Yes!  I love the quirky nature of Atlanta's public transportation system!  It is always fun betting on how early or late the bus will get me somewhere!"  Or:  "Yes!  I love doing that much boring reading because it has given me ample opportunity to learn how to knit while reading.  It makes me neither very good at reading or at knitting but gives me a goal to work toward!"
This is not many goals is it?  And not very resolution-y.  Maybe I will have to come up with others. 

What are yours?