Holiday Recap Part 1: Knitted Goods

My family is awesome.  They are definitely catching on to the whole "knitters like knitting-related gifts" thing.  My parents both made donations to the I-want-to-get-a-spinning-wheel fund (also called the money-I-should-spend-on-groceries fund).  I got a felted bag.  Knit clothes (most clothes are knit, but these are sweater-y, so even more applicable).  Leg warmers.  And this book.
Can buy it here

And my sister got me some yarn, which I promptly put into action while running errands this week.
Counting change at the bank.  I'm so classy.

I also got a small air hockey table.
Completely unrelated to knitting, but AWESOME.  Also completely not going to fit in my suitcase.

Thanks you all!  I appreciate it!