Spring in the Fall

Yesterday's post (or my room, for that matter) probably gave you an indication that every day is a struggle not to be kidnapped by 1980's neon (at least until I see the accompanying shoulder pads and power suits).  A significant portion of my wardrobe features hot pink and spandex, thankfully not usually in the same article of clothing.

So, predictably, I was super excited when this came in the mail.
Don't judge.  There was a sale.  LB Superwash Merino

I immediately cast on one of these:
A swatch.  Or in this case, two swatches in one because I was lazy.  Had to go one size up for gauge as usual (that only make sense to you knitters.  For the rest of you, just know that it means I am high-strung/a tight knitter)

And then started on this:
A sleeve!  I am starting with the sleeve because swatches are lying liars and I wanted to see if the knitting would resemble a normal-sized sweater in any meaningful way before dedicating myself to the body.

My latest project is, predictably, a lime green sweater.  In this case, the green is less "acid/nuclear reaction" green and more "first spring buds."  Actually, the colorway is literally called "Spring Leaf," which I chose because I refuse to have a sweater in the color "Dijon."

It's supposed to look like this when it's done:
Lion Brand Sketchbook Cardigan  In, coincidentally, Dijon.

Only, in neon.