Out of Touch

Hi!  It's been a while since we've talked.  What's up?  I've been at law school.
Law school requires a bunch of reading.  It's a good thing I have smart people to study with.

These are my classmates.  They are superheroes.  Or at least they dress like superheroes.
There are lots of things to see and do in Atlanta.  This is the Carter Center.  Where you can learn about...
President Carter.  He walked in front of the GA State Capital.
I think I look pretty good doing it, too.

If you wanted to come visit me, I would take you too see cool things, too.  Like the Ebenezer Baptist Church next to the MLK museum.
The only problem?  We would have to get there by bus because I don't have a car.  And Atlanta just HATES to put bus stops in accessible, pedestrian-friendly places.
And the wild-life is pretty wacko banunu as well.  The squirrels drink from sprinkler heads.
But the people are worth getting to know.
And there is plenty of yarn to go around...of course :-)