One Bottle of Pop, Two Bottle of Pop

I could be doing my homework or looking for a summer job or something.*  Instead I'm picking up a new hobby.
Making Root Beer!!!
I found this recipe on-line and got it in my head that I wanted homemade root beer to add to my homemade ice cream to make home made root beer floats.  A law student friend went to great lengths to find the necessary Zataran's root beer extract (how do they not sell that at the grocery store?).
You just add sugar, yeast and the root beer extract together.

Shake to mix
Add some water.
Shake some more to mix it up.
Then you fill it full of water and let it sit for several days for the yeast to ferment the sugar.  Will do the taste-test next week and let you know how it goes.  In the mean time...
Look at my jugs!...heh, my jugs are on the internet...

*November 1st was the first day that law schools can talk to their first year students about finding summer jobs.  It feels early to be thinking about plans for next summer already, but apparently it isn't if you want a good (read: paid) job.