More on Squirrels and Knitting

I like to give you regular updates** on squirrels and knitting.  Mostly because there is an on-going feud between me and those foul creatures (see this and this), and because a lot of other people really seem to like to knit squirrels.

Like look at this dude from (looks like they even had a competition to make one...I missed it)

This is a conversation that happened today:

Me:  I think they should should do an episode with me and squirrels:

Friend:  That would be frightening. If kittens are the devils pet, what does that make squirrels?

Me:  The devil incarnate

From  This one scares the bejesus out of me (mostly because it was identified as a knit squirrel when it is almost certainly crochet...or am I wrong?)

There used to be saber-toothed squirrels:
The reason squirrels freak me out is because they have personalities.  And apparently knitting circles.

And this is a really lucky squirrel.

**update:  After posting this, MattC sent me this link to Squirrel Chips.  I do not condone violence against squirrels, but I'm told they taste like "sweet victory."  Good to know your culinary options.

Was also given this lovely link to a recent Flying Squirrel Invasion.  Now squirrels are even preventing people from seeking medical attention....