Hey B!

Hey B!  Remember how you and Jess won my poetry contest ALMOST A YEAR AGO?  Yea, I finally finished your prizes.  I hope you don't mind lime green?
Hat pattern is my usual.  I swear that it looks cuter once it's on a head.  I just have difficulty taking a picture of my own head.  And I feel weird alone in my bathroom trying to get the angle right in my only mirror so that my entire head (which seems much larger when you are trying to fit it all, not just one side, or minus a chin) is in the picture
I made extra slippers (*cough*obsession*cough*, while I was at it.  Pattern is my usual.

Because once you make one pair, you really can't stop...

And I think they are just the cutest.

So, B, where should I send them?