My Icelandic Knitting

I would like to be able to say that I actually went to Iceland to do some knitting.  That would be neat, no? 

But instead, I have to rely on friends to take pictures of my already-knitted items in exotic locations.  Remember this sheep I knit last fall?

DOT friend Pete took him along for a little sailing in Iceland.
See him on the prow?  Or are you too distracted by the beautiful sunset?  The sheep was actually knit from Icelandic wool that Pete brought me from his last trip.  It's only fitting that the sheep got to go back to its homeland.  Birthright Trip for sheep.
And the fire and marshmellows I made last summer?

They went on vacation, too!
Isn't that ice amazing?  It looks fake.  It isn't.

Pete is an amazing photographer (he did the 2010 Vagina Monologues Benefit Concert pictures for us!!), especially when his subjects don't include suspiciously-difficult-to-photograph knitted sheep.