Knitting Inspiration: Decorating My New Apartment

When you move to a new place, you have to try to fit all your old stuff into a new space.  Sometimes that calls for a few new items to make it all work.  I've turned to the knitting community for suggestions.

First, I was thinking that I need a good place to sit.
Like in a knitted chair from Melanie Porter

I also need to be able to see all the reading I am supposed to do without straining my eyes.
I was thinking that this yarny lamp by Tatyana Yanishevsky might be night
Or lighting by Kwangho Lee

My living room needs a little love, too.  Luckily Kwangho Lee also knits furniture

Like this chair
And this couch

For my bathroom, I've found a little floor covering.
From YUMMI Rugs

And I was thinking about a little taxidermy for the kitchen
No?  From Rachel Denny

If all else fails, I could just wall paper the whole apartment in yarn

So totally tempted...