Summery Knits

People seem really skeptical of knitting in the summer.  As if it is a one season sport that can't be done in warm weather.  Sooooo not true.

Aside from the fact that I am addicted to it and so can't exactly put the kneedles down without the withdrawl twitching and sweats starting up, there are a few good reasons to knit through the warmer months:

1.  It has taken me two months of really solid knitting to finish only most of one sweater.  If I only knit in the winter, all I would ever finish is one sweater a year.  Not only would this be boring, but you wouldn't get a Christmas present.

2.  What the heck else would I do at the movie theatre while watching a movie to get out of the DC heat?

3.  This.
Leaf Paneled Sweater by Berta Karapetyan in Runway Knits.

I think this pattern is amazing and elegant.  And knit in fluffy Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton (color Honey Dew), it will be nice and cool for even the muggiest of summers.  Of course, mine only looks like this right now.
Not likely to be finished before this season is over...

Something to do on the airplane home.