Harry Potter and the Order of the Knitters

I am not going to lie.  One of my summer goals was to re-read all the Harry Potter books before the newest and last movie came out in July.  I did.  And watched many of the old movies, too.  I totally admit to dragging ten pound books of children's lit on the metro with me.  And while I didn't see the movie THE DAY it came out, I was super excited to see it this weekend.

But maybe not quite as excited as all those knitters out there that have devoted themselves to making the most amazing HP-related knitting patterns and finished items I have ever seen.

The Leaky Cauldron ("the most trusted name in Potter") has a whole page devoted to HP crafts including an actual knit Harry Potter:
Pattern here

Pretend to be Dumbledore with your very own wizard beard

For the more sinister, there are Dark Mark Scarves:

And from LionBrand, you can make the three Deathly Hallows including this lovely Elder Wand:
Pattern here
I resisted making one to take with me, but just barely....