More Knitting Ads

I am constantly amused by how people use knitting/sheep/wool in advertising for completely unrelated items.  Here are some more ads that feature knitting:
Advertising a radio station, I think...right?  Via
Apparently music and knitting go hand-in-hand.  Although, this one seems to imply that there is something wrong with Kiss/men/rock stars/male rock stars wearing Kiss-style make-up knitting.  Shows what they know.  Via

For a mattress:
This one would make sense if there was ANY reference to a mattress in the ad and if the sheep weren't inexplicable knitting what appears to be toilet paper....Via

And on the cover of a 1952 American Weekly.
Saying what, exactly?  Via

Almost as interesting as the ads that use knitting or knitted items to sell something else, are the ads for knitting or yarn themselves.  For example, here is one for machine-washable wool
via  Cute, right?
There are a whole ton of vintage knitting ads at Oh Shoot

And the latest in men's knitwear:
Love it.  Via