Knitting Inspiration: Extreme Knitting

I'm not going to lie.  I am not exactly an extreme person myself (I think getting to the pocket section of my sweater is a friggin' riveting time), but I do enjoy watching other people do ridiculous things.  Race Across AmericaTornado-chasing.    Extreme Couponing.

And also 1000 Strand Knitting

I'm apparently not the only one with this fascination.  There is a book.

And knitters appear to be a super intense group of people.
This scary bunny took five years to knit.

Dave Cole developed a Giant Knitting Machine to be able to knit HUGE things and has also knit random awesomeness like this Electric Blanket.

How does someone produce their own piece of extreme knitting, you ask?  With gigantic knitting needles of course.

Huge Knitting Needles from the same folks from the 1000-strand knitting