Weekend Update: So Much Fakeness

I think I might let the following pictures from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum speak for themselves.  (Note: For some reason I'm feeling really embarrassed about admitting that I went to a wax museum...I would like to say that I got the tickets CHEAP...is that a good enough excuse to go?).

I got to see Daniel Webster's signature on his desk on the Senate floor once.  It was so nice to meet him in person.

Tying for creepiest statute ever is this guy....

This guy....
Tyra.... ("smile with your eyes")
And this guy.  Who am I kidding?  Larry totally wins.

This is not my first picture with Truman.  I kind of love this man.

Some of the exhibits were a little awkward.  Gary sat on a Rosa-Parks-Bus where it feels like someone is kicking your seat and yelling at you to move to the back of the bus.
There was also the option to start the next world war.....??????

Bill Clinton tried to touch my bum.

I'm so friggin' pale.

I look great in the Oval Office....just sayin'

Brangalina and I are tight.

Ella Fitzgerald ignored me as I held her hand (or maybe I was taking her pulse?  What WAS I doing there?)

I make a mean pirate.

The only thing that I am sad about is that they didn't have a wax Kim Kardashian....