Weekend Update: Farmers Markets and Doulas

Last weekend was about birthdays (mine and the baby that I helped birth).  This weekend was more of a glimpse into how I could lead a low-stress, pleasant lifestyle if I wanted to (slash, wasn't so high-strung).

Friday night was a potluck for the doulas I work with at the DC Family Health and Birth Center.  We've been trying to build community among the doulas by sending weekly updates, providing training opportunities, and getting together for no-work fun.  There were three less-than-one-year-olds and a dog in attendance, all competing for Cutest Creature in the Room with the toddler with the shoes that squeek when he walks and the dog that flipped out over these squeeky shoes tying for first.  The doulas got into a discussion over how to be a full-time doula (is it possible?  can you make enough money to survive?) and it was heartening to know that people can (and do) work full-time doing what they love even if the on-call lifestyle can be hard.

Saturday, I finished a book, ate a lot, and visited a good friend and neighbor for tea.  Was a lazy bum.

Sunday, I worked for Chris' Marketplace at the Dupont Farmers Market.  I helped unload the truck and set up, sold empanadas and crab cakes for 4 1/2 hours and then packed it all up.  Best job ever: I got to talk to people all morning, contribute to a DC institution and get paid to do it. 

I ended my Sunday attending my birth education class in Eastern Market (this week was on 1st Stage Labor and comfort measures).  It is fascinating to get to sit in with a group of pregnant couples talking about their impending births and also thrilling to be able to lend some of my expertise to the conversation.

I'm rambling now, but all this goes to say that I think I would be happy living my life this way: interacting with the DC community, working with moms and other doulas, having an active day (instead of a sitting-at-my-desk day), and still having enough free time to hang with friends and knit and eat good food.  It would be difficult to make the "living wage" thing work, and I don't know how long before I would want to be doing something more activisty/policy-focused, but for at least this summer of not working my "real job," I think it will be a good time.

Happy May!  White Rabbit!!