Urban Farming

Julie and I have embarked on an agrarian adventure.  We went during rush hour on the metro, with our granny carts, to pick up plants from Old City Green.
People kept shouting out to us "plants!" like they had never seen anyone with a granny cart full of seedlings before.

I guess not everyone has a Metro-accessible urban farm to go to.

We planted peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and herbs.
Actually, it is possible that Julie did most of the work.  She hauled all the yummy compost you see here.  Apparently we are entitled to 7 more wheel barrows full of the stuff and neither of us is jumping at the opportunity to drag it over to our plot....

I planted a solitary daisy plant in the corner.  For some reason this makes me absurdly happy.  The other two plants are sage and lemon grass.
It looks pretty barren, still, but there is actually lettuce and peas and carrots and beets planted here.  The garlic is looking good.

I wish we had planted these....I love peonies, but it is really not appropriate to pick them out of other people's yards, is it?