Unemployed. And nomadic. And looking for adventure?!?!

Where I spent more than 4300 hours over the last 2+ years. 

Oh, DOT.
My last day at the US Department of Transportation was Friday, and I have no immediate plans for other employment.  I moved out of my house (lovingly known as "Lamontacasa") on Saturday to couch surf for the summer.  Which makes me the most directionless I've been in, um, a long while.

Plans for the summer include a little bit of travel, some doula-ing, a little farmer's market action, gardening, and lots of gym time (I say that last one now, but who knows if that will continue to be a priority).  If this weekend is any indication of what the summer will be like, it will be one part manual labor (moving, biking, working the farmer's market, pulling weeds in the garden, surviving the 94 degree weather) and three parts being a lazy bum (i.e. knitting and watching "Modern Family" in bed while on-call). 

I'm ok with this.