Search for Me

I was looking through my Google analytics to see what search terms people use to find my site.  May I just say: Hilaaaaarious!

The top ten are pretty much what you would expect (wool, sheep, Vagina Monologues, FemEx, etc).  But from there on it just gets bizarre.

Some of my favorites include:
  • how to make a pussy with a pillow case (this makes sense since one of my posts is called "How to Make a Vagina Pillow")
  • amethyst gem sauna (this person spent 10 minutes on my site, meaning they must have found what they were looking for....)
  • how to make vagina with yarn
  • korean girls feet
  • name of shape with 2 flat sides and 2 half circles (this one completely baffles me....mostly because I, too, have no idea what to call that shape)
  • ncis femsex fanfiction (I am trying to imagine the person who typed this query....)
  • turquoise tangles my opera j baird 
On a semi-related note, you can now find this blog at in addition to the regular address.   Get excited for search terms and domain names!