Knitting Inspiration: Art

I am going to be moving out of my current apartment in about a month.  I will have to find somewhere new to live and will have to decorate it to inspire me to study.  So today I offer a little bit of art.
First up, yarn collages from Sarah Applebaum from Honestly WTF

More from Sarah Applebaum...I want to do this so badly....I am a little obsessed with bright colors.

I could go a little less abstract and a little more traditional with something like this:
From the London Stitch and Craft Show.  More HERE

The Scream.  See how it looks like the original?  From HERE

This one I don't think I would put in my house:
A fiberglass knitted teddy bear.  On Flavorwire

However, I am leaning more towards photographs of my favorite movie star pirates.
Check these out:

What do you all think?