Knitting Inspiration: Weddings

This royal wedding mania is crazy!  It has even broken into the knitting world in the form of a pattern book called How to Knit a Royal Wedding
Knit the Queen, William, Kate, or even....

A Corgi.  WIN!
But knitted weddings are not a new thing (are we surprised?  Knitters are the tinniest bit nuts, no?).  I have lots of friends getting married this summer.  I recommend the following preparations.

Knit your wedding dress.
Knit Wedding Dress:

This wedding dress is more sheepy
Telegraph Article about a bride wearing a sheepy dress

Have a wooly buffet


Hold felted flowers

Take your rings from a lace pillow:

And then ride off into the sunset with your betrothed in style:
These people have a whole gallery...Their whole wedding was knitted....

For all my friends getting married this summer, may it go royally!