What's On My Needles

So there hasn't been a lot of knitting discussion on here lately.  Thought I would show you what I've been working on.
Baby Sweater.  Totally knit the button holes in the wrong place.  Ripping it back to fix it.  Knitting this one to show me how sleeves and collars work before making a big sweater, so I really should finish this one.

Another Shroom hat (identical color and style to the one I made myself this winter) that I REALLY need to finish because it is for the lovely Lisa and winter is almost over.

My Fisherman Shrug (have you ever seen a fisherman wear a shrug?!?!) that is never, ever going to be done.  Maybe I will wear it next winter.  I really love the yarn, though.  Tempted to sleep with it as a blankie even if it never makes it into sweater form.

This piece of awesome that is going to one day be a pair of mittens.  I MUST finish these.  I love them already and they are really just a cuff at this point.

This pair of mitts that is also never, ever going to be done.  I hate these.  They are too small for me (not that I was going to wear them) and I don't like the yarn or the color (which is my own fault, since I dyed them that way....).  Not going to happen.  (Note: it isn't the pattern I hate.  I made a pair in fluffy baby alpaca for Devon that, if I ever get the slightest whiff of her not liking them, I would steal back with no qualms).
I am obviously not particularly monogamous with my knitting, am I?  The truth is, these are all projects that set themselves up for a long delay.  They are either bad yarn (sorry lion brand sport weight, but you hurt my hands), boring patterns (yup, fisherman, that would be you), or too complicated to knit on the metro (Fair Isle mittens, sigh...I love you).

Look for a flood of Finished Objects (F.O's) as I have more knitting time this month.  Maybe even this weekend!!!