Weekend Update: Remind me who you are again?

Folks, I've got nothing.  I mean, really, I haven't posted in two weeks and I really have nothing to say.  Reasons, you ask?  I have a couple of ideas:

Idea #1:  Camnesia....I am terrible at remembering to take pictures.  Sorry...

Idea #2:  Two weeks ago, I got a nice, new MacBook Pro...my law school computer that was supposed to last me the next four years.  I took it to the coffee shop (in an ok neighborhood) with me less than 16 hours later and had it stolen literally out of my hands by a thug who grabbed it and ran out of the coffee shop.  That sounds so much like something out of a movie (perhaps a romantic comedy in which the hunky love interest chases after the offender and takles him, returning my property to me with a smile and an offer of a dinner date) that I am literally speechless on the matter (so were the guys at the Mac Store.  They had tears in their eyes, as if someone had kidnapped their niece or nephew....my mom's co-worker was so upset that she wrote to Steve Jobs on my behalf....I have yet to hear from him BTW).  It doesn't help that every time I go to type on my old, decrepit lap top that I get all weepy and nostalgic for my 16-hour-whirl-wind-romance. 

Idea #3:  Look at this BORING knitting I have to show you lately.  Miles and miles of brown stockinette....and you can't even feel how squishy and nice the yarn is....boooo....

Idea #4:  It was friggin' delicious* outside this weekend that I sat around telling myself that I better not start anything in-doorsy because I should be out enjoying the weather (never mind that I took the opportunity to watch season five of Grey's Anatomy and see a movie instead).  Even my geraniums that I was SURE I killed last fall (and then failed to water at all this winter) decided the weather was nice enough to give it a go. 

They are going to be soooo pissed with me when I move them back outside to fend for themselves (or pleased, since they rain is way more likely to water them then I am)
I'm not going to promise there will be more this week, but it is rainy today, so I'm gonna try.

*I'm not going to lie, I totally just spelled that word as "delishish" and couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why spell check didn't like it