Weekend Update: Randomness

My weekend was random, and so random this post will be.  I gardened (just turned the cover crop over so the soil will be ready when we plant in a few weeks), watched West Wing/Glee/Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy/Baby Mama/O (what?!  I have to do SOMETHING while I knit), and baked cookies.

I also BBQed under a Cherry Tree.

The Cherry Blossoms are in full force, but that doesn't mean that it is actually warm out.  It was supposed to snow on Sunday so we barbecued under a friend's tree so as to not miss out on its awesomeness.  It was cold but pretty.
I also made about a hundred million of these.  
Actually I made three....but it felt like a hundred million. 

My friend is getting married and needs to make 80+ of these garland thingies by June.  I do not envy her.
You take 75 little rectangles of fabric and string them on some ribbon that really doesn't want to cooperate with you.
 Rachel, if you are reading this, you owe me new fingers.

And just to continue the randomness, look at this cool cowl Ebeth made me when I visited her in Michigan!
I am usually the giver and not the getter of hand-made things.  Thrilled!  Although sad that it is still cold enough to wear it....

Have a good week, folks!