Squishy is a word one might use to describe the way walking in your shoes feels after you have been pushed into a lake with all your clothes on (oh, that hasn't happened to you?).  Or the way the banana feels when you mash it between your fingers to make banana bread (you don't make yours that way?).  Or it could describe this piece of awesome:
117 yards of bulky weight.  100% Merino in colorway dryer lint (actually, I have no idea what it is called, but even after is was spun, it continued to look like dryer lint....)
I had originally spun one of two singles.
What it looked like on the spindle

What it looked like skeined.
I thought I would have to make another one before I could ply them.  Then, in a fit of wanted to have a finished project NOW, I changed my mind.

 I wound it into a cake and then proceeded to ply it from the inside and the outside of the cake at the same time, essentially working from either end.  For those of you who don't spin, I have no idea how to explain this.  Just know that it ended up like this:

I know I said before that I was aiming for worsted. It fluffed up A LOT after the bath I gave it and I ended up with something bulkier.  No matter...
Squishy, yummy, awesomeness:

 I think I feel yet another hat coming on....