Knitting in Advertising

Knitting/wool/sheep advertising makes me giggle.  For each of the following, put your hand over the logo and try to tell me what the ad is for:

Fabric softener, I think....  This is apparently a whole series.  See the others here and here.
Yup, strange.
Manhattan storage company via Yarny DaysThis link leads to a really inappropriate ad.  Funny, but inappropriate.

How about this one?
This one isn't actually an ad, but more propoganda encouraging people to knit items for service members during World War II (via LIFE Magazine)  If you can't tell, these are show girls.  Sexy, sexy knitting

Or this one?

Knitting is the Most. Fun. Ever.  For those of you who don't knit: I do, and I still have NO IDEA what this product is.  Via Craftzine

And finally
The Carly Fiorina Demon Sheep Attack Ad from 2010.  Watch the whole terrifying video here.  Demon sheep at minute 2:27.
Yea, no wonder my politically minded friends don't seem very into have to get your wool from the demon sheep...