The Poonani Projects

I am totally going to regret this post one day when I run for public office/my future children google my name and "poonani" is the first ting to come up, but......

My room is a crazy arts and crafts studio on a good day, but lately has taken on the air of a workshop run by a bunch of vaguely odd, feminist elves who make not Christmas presents but instead yonic trophies for the slightly more courageous gift-giver.

And by elves, I mean the cast and crew of the 2011 Vagina Monologues in DC.  We have been making jewelry, pillows and other items to sell at our show.  All proceeds, as with the ticket sales, go to the DC Rape Crisis Center, a favorite organization of mine.

As the crafters showed up, they were offered the option to make greeting cards, pillows or jewelry.  All were a little timid at first, but after getting used to the idea of making Coochi Crafts, they got real talented real quick.
There were VA earrings.
Peepee, poopalu, and piche pillows
Vajayjay jewelry
Hooha heart necklaces (see how they used my disaster hearts to making something beautiful?!?!)
Labia lapel pins.
And nappy dugout (yea, I said it) greeting cards.
I warn you now: there will be vagina-related goodness all week in honor of our shows happening this weekend (buy your tickets now!!).  There will be a tutorial on how to make the pillows, the vagina pendants, chocolate vaginas (yes, edible, yonic goodness), and more.  You (and my future political opponents) can thank me later.