How to Make a Vagina Pillow

Two years ago I started making vagina pillows to sell at The DC Vagina Monologues (buy your tickets now for the show this Friday and Saturday!!).  I got my inspiration from this and if you don't mind a less fancy one, they take very little skill to make.  Here's how to do a really basic one:

Get some craft/wrapping paper.  I use the stuff that amazon packs their shipments with.

Fold the paper in half and draw and cut out a half-circle.  When you open it up, it will be a symmetrical circle/oval shape.  I like a big fat vajayjay but a narrow one will work, too.

You will need two colors of fabric.  With the first (I use a darker one), cut out one full circle.

Fold your circle pattern back in half and cut out two half-circles out of the first fabric.

Cut two half-circles out of your second fabric.

Line the fabric1 half-circles up with the fabric1full circle.  Sew all the way around the edges.

Line the flat edges of fabric1 with the flat edges of fabric2, right sides together.  Sew along the straight line.

If you want, you can place lace between the two flat sides of fabric1 and fabric2 before you sew them together.
Line up the two curved edges of fabric2, right sides together, and sew almost all the way across, leaving a small opening.  You will have an inside-out pillow case.  Turn it right-side-out through the remaining opening.  Stuff the pillow.  Sew the opening closed.

Optional: I sewed the fabric2 lining down to look like a vaginal opening.  You could add a clit or whatever else you want at this stage.

You can make different sizes by making your pattern bigger or smaller.

Using different fabrics can give different effects.