Emails Only Knitters Get

I got an email from my roommie apologizing that he had gone in my room, but I had left my yarn in the shower and he wanted to return it to me.  He, of course, hung it in my closet where it belongs.  Initially I felt bad that I had inconvenienced my roommate by adding a step to his morning routine.  And then I stopped, reread the email and considered writing him a thank you note for not ending his email with "you are a crazy, crazy lady with too much wool and why do you keep yarn in the shower/closet anyway, you wacko mishugenah?!?!"

The answer is that I finished spinning the (boring) brown two-ply this weekend (about 250 yards, fingering-ish weight).
It was boring to spin, but actually I like the way it turned out.  It's fluffy and not over-plied.
I let it soak, had given it a good spin in the shower to get some of the water out, and then hung it in my closet to dry.  Five minutes later I heard a disturbing people-can-lick-too-my-friend dripping noise coming from my closet and discovered that I had not, in fact gotten all the water out.  Instead of going ALL THE WAY downstairs to the washing machine to spin it dry, I just hung it in the shower to drip dry.  And apparently GNP did not want a wool loofah this morning (oh gosh, doesn't a wool loofah sound amazing?!?!).  Oops...

Now I am working on this pile of what looks suspiciously like dryer lint.  (Side note: I seriously considered trying to spin dryer lint, but it isn't sticky enough....maybe if I am ever in a desperate situation...don't judge...).

I swear it is NOT lint and actually 10 ounces of wonderfully springy Merino that looks a little less crazy when spun....I think....

I am going to try another two-ply, but with fatter singles this time (making it closer to a worsted), assuming my spindle doesn't fall apart (again).