Special Chocolates

First of all, winner of the giveaway I announced last Thursday is Amanda who said "Holler.  I want to pretend to be a grownup!"  I will be in touch about your prize shortly.  Thanks to UPrinting for sponsoring this giveaway.

Second, congratulations to the cast and crew of The DC Vagina Monologues!!!  You all were friggin' amazing!  We raised over $10,000 for the DC Rape Crisis Center and had a great time doing it!  You can still make donations at www.vdaydc.org if you would like to support our efforts!

One of the ways we raised money was through the sale of fun vagina-related products, including vagina pillows, jewelry made by the cast, and chocolate vaginas.

Yup, chocolate vaginas.

My friend Rachel's awesome parents own a chocolate shop called The Purple Feather in Providencetown, MA.  They donated enough chocolate, lollipop sticks and packaging for us to make 200+ "pussy pops" to sell at the show.  My house once again became a workshop for adult craft-making.

The Purple Feather also sent us the molds we needed to make the pussy pops.
We melted the chocolate and poured it into the molds.
We let the molds cool and then popped the suckers out.
Don't they look tasty?
We bagged them up.
And made them pretty for the sale at the show.
This is Rachel showing off one of her fancy creations.
We sold all 200 of them.  But don't be sad.  The Purple Feather has offered to donated 10% of their internet sales between now and April to the DC Rape Crisis Center.  They sell pussy pops, but also other, less risque things, like fudge and Easter candy.  Check them out at http://www.thepurplefeather.com/ and support a great cause and an awesome small business.