BISO Update: February

It's the last day of February; it still counts if I do a February BISIO Update on the last day, right?

Grad School:  Basically, the big news is that I was accepted at ALL of the programs I applied to and am going to....EMORY for a joint degree in law and public health!  What made me turn down Georgetown, you ask?  I won the Woodruff Fellowship at the Law School after a harrowing (that's such a was a lot of fun) three-day interview.  The interview consisted of meals with former Fellows, with faculty and staff, and with current students, a tour of the Coca-Cola World Headquarters, a cocktail reception (slash, secret social vetting process to make sure that we wouldn't be painfully awkward representatives of Emory and/or drink too much in public) and an interview with a distinguished panel of professors and Atlanta lawyers.
We toured the Coca-Cola Headquarters because Robert Woodruff was the head of Coke for 20+ years and was a HUGE philanthropist in the Atlanta area.  When he died, he left a large gift to Emory, endowing professorships and scholarships; half the buildings on campus are named after him.  This picture was taken before they gave us each a bottle of coke to drink as we walked around the building.  Tasty, tasty indoctrination...
There were 14 of us; 4 of us ended up winning the full-ride fellowship.  I am going to law school for FREE!!!  It is still a little hard to believe.  I am waiting for someone to jump out of a bush yelling, "haha, psych!"  In fact, I have been avoiding bushes all month until I get my official package in the mail.

Sheep to Sweater:  I have been failing at knitting lately.  I have finished only two projects in two months as spinning, fundraising and trying to finish my library books before they are overdue (failed at that one, too) got in the way...however, I am pleased to announce that I bought a sweater quantity of yarn (it was on sale...I feel more comfortable knowing I am not going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on my first sweater) and am going to make this sweater.
Grown-Up Hoodie by Kira Dulaney  I'm hoping the pattern comes with free pink hair streaks...

I think it is pretty cute and doesn't look TOO hard....The cabling down the back makes me think it will keep me entertained enough (rather than miles and miles of stockinette) to actually finish the thing.

Doula:  Nothing awesome to report this month.  I had taken time off to do the Vagina Monologues, but I am planning my trip to Boston this summer for the DONA International Conference.  Will get to learn new things, hang out with cool doulas, and visit Boston for the first time as an adult.  Excited!!!

March looks (moderately) less hectic.  No more traveling until April.  No more crazy fundraising.  Free time?  Probably not as much as I think, but perhaps....