Weekend Update: Spa Feast, WV

This weekend I took an impromptu vacation to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia for Spa Feast 2011.  Berkeley Spring is this quaint little town, home to a hot springs apparently frequented by George Washington and his buds.  According to the Berekeley Springs Website:
In 1776, George Washington's family and friends drew up a plot of 134 lots, named the streets, and incorporated The Town of Bath, invoking the muses of the renowned English spa. Yet the magic of the springs prevailed, and the town and surrounding area are known by their name -- Berkeley Springs.

The waters flow at a constant 74°F from the base of Warm Springs Ridge. You may still drink freely and fill your jugs at Lord Fairfax's public tap, and wade in the ancient stone pools in the nation's smallest state park. The town has endured cycles of notoriety, fashion, war and modern progress, but remains the Country's First Spa, a quiet, friendly haven surrounded by West Virginia's splendid outdoors.
Spa Feast consisted of a bunch of practitioners, spas and restaurants providing discount services.  Highlights:
  • I went to a talk on how astrology can inform my health.  I learned that as a Taurus, I am an earth sign.  Apparently that means that I feel healthiest when I am physically strong and when playing in the earth. I should not deny myself food or other sesual pleasures.  My biggest health problem is throat issues (and probably an incredible skepticism of astrology and its crunchy, crunchy counterparts, homeopathy, polarity therapy and tuning folk therapy).
  • I got a massage and "took the waters" in the same waters that George Washington bathed in.  Actually, hopefully not the SAME water that he used...that would be unhygienic and bizarre.
  • Watched Sweeney Todd.  Last week someone started singing a creepy song to me about how "I will steal you, JoAnna" and said that he bets I get that all the time....I was like "um, noooooo, you creepy creepster."  But it turns out the song is from Sweeny Todd, a Johny Depp/Tim Burton film that work friend Miranda insisted I watch this weekend.  Now that I've seen it, I think I might be even more creeped out by random strangers singing that song to me, but at least the character JoAnna (actually spelled Johanna but pronounced like my name) is one of the few people NOT to die.  Oh my goodness...
  • I did a TINY bit of knitting.  The Cruiser by Callyn Meyer.
Had to rip out the top of the first one and re-do it because it wasn't long enough.  Now working on the second.
Love the basic cable pattern.  And the yummy  Cascade EcoDuo yarn with 70% alpaca and 30% Merino....sooooo soft.
The blue thread is where the thumb is going to go.  I pull out that thread to reveal live stitches and then use them to knit the thumb.  The pink thread at the top is where I am supposed to graft the stitches together....I have NO clue how to do that.  I will have to learn pretty quickly now, won't I?