Weekend Update: I Might Be An Idiot

First of all, congrats to B, Jessica, and Nathan for being the first commenters on the last week's post.  I will be sending you all something lovely.  Nathan's was some seriously questionable poetry, but double gifts to both B and Jessica for AMAZING poems.   I'm thinking something Vagina Monologues related, perhaps?

This past week was mildly traumatic.  I had been talking to a friend earlier in the week and said that  I would be sending my sister my old cell phone because hers was  broken.  I said, "I am not as hard on my phone as she is."  BIG mistake.  I almost immediately went home and dropped my phone in the toilet (I am still not sure how this happened....who is ridiculous enough to drop a phone in the toilet?  This girl....). Yup, the gods are hilarious folks that like to mess with people that make cocky statements.

Last Friday I did this:
Chopped my hair off.  Comments have ranged from "you look like an ass-kicking lawyer" to "you looked young before, but now you look five."  Whatever, I don't have to brush my hair anymore.

I also finished spinning the blue stuff from Lorna's Lace (purchased at Stitch DC). 
Look how cool this is.  Right after I spin it, it is "energized" and all crinkled up.
I let it set in water for a while and then dry.  Then it is all relaxed and the twist is set.  SUCH a big difference.  LOVE IT!
Started my Valentine's Day knitting.  Making these hearts from Mochimochi land.  Planning my Annual Valentine's Day Red Dinner (specifically, the 24th Annual Red Dinner...Smith/Brown family tradition) which may also include a Yonic Craft-making Party in preparation for the Vagina Monologues in DC.  Oooooo.....