The Knowing Knitter Answers Your Crafty Questions

I got this comment from a reader and thought I would pull it into a post for those of you following along on Google Reader:

Dear Knowing Knitter (who is about to get her MPH),

What is the etiquette of working with yarn while sneezing due to a head cold, particularly if your project is for someone else? Should it be avoided?

<3 Curious Congested Coldy Crocheter
Dear C.C.C.C.,

If you are going to give your item a nice bath when you are done with it anyway (I usually do, because I carry projects around in my purse with me where they tend to get a little dusty.  Also, a little bath/blocking always makes wool items look a little more even and pretty), then go ahead and keep crocheting and wash your sneezes out at the end.  Yarn crafts have the tendency to make you feel better and build immunity (that's totally made up, but I can't imagine that it isn't true....)

The real question is, why would you want to crochet when knitting is a far superior craft?!?!  ;-)


The Knowing Knitter


Also, I friggin' love the idea of answering questions for my readers (all five of you).  Beware that I am a snarky lady.  And I totally intend to make up my own questions if you don't ask any.  You've been warned.  Send questions to  Ha!