Weekend Update: PJs and Spinning

Happy Birthday, Julie!

This weekend was mostly devoted to Julie and her awesome 27-year-old self. I made sheep cookies

All weekend people kept asking "why sheep?!"  I thought it would be obvious ("why not?") but instead provided the explanation that I thought the role of the sheep in the Christmas manger scene was always under-valued.  This was my tribute to those important creatures that would one day inspire The One to become a shepherd.  Quizzical looks...Thanks for the cookie cutter, Johanna!
 put on my pjs
From Cupcake Extravaganza 2009 when my mom gave me nothing  but cupcake themed gifts for Christmas.  Thrilled to find out what the theme is for 2010!!!

and watched the worst movie ever with the girls (yea, I said it).

Also did a little spinning on the spindle.  I am making really thin singles out of goodness-knows-what kind of wool and will hopefully end up with enough of a two-ply to knit something with.  Here is me spinning in photos:
Attaching some wool to the hook

Drafting: pulling out little tufts of wool until they are the right thickness.  Then I let go with the right hand to allow the twist to come up into the tuft I just created.  Repeat.
Letting the wool get too thin so it breaks...I drop the spindle on the floor and have to chase it as it rolls away...
More drafting...keep going...

I keep adding more fiber, and the piece I am spinning gets longer and longer.
When the piece I am working on gets too long, I unhook it from the hook end and wind it around the stick end.

Eventually I end up with a whole bunch of yarn on the bottom side of my spindle.  When I have enough I will roll it up, make a second length of yarn, and then ply the two together.  I am pretty proud at how thin and even this is...