Weekend Update: Holiday Recap

I was in Indiana for Christmas.  Indiana was....pretty much as it always is: cold, semi-snowy, Hoosier-ific.  We went to movies (Black Swan and Voyage of the Dawn Treader), opened gifts and went skiing.  Yes, I went skiing in Michigan...no comment other than to say that it went about as well as you would expect it to in a place with topography like that of Michigan.

Gift giving went a little better.  My mom liked her Travelling Woman Shawl and BonBon Mitts:

 My sister liked her fingerless mitts (which I gave her for her birthday, but she was wearing them around constantly this weekend):

Johanna took these foot shots of the stirrup socks I sent her:
I am hoping she will send some with her face in them, too, but I am not sure how you get both your face and your foot in the picture....

Johanna, I want to make myself some of these, but want to know if they will fit in my shoes....will they?
At the end of the weekend, I got back on the train, where Ebeth (who was totally in the Adriane, Michigan newspaper this week) joined me in Toledo for the ride home.  She is currently shaming me into exercising by doing laps up the three flights of stairs in my house since it is too cold to run outside. 

I will NOT give in to peer pressure!