Weekend Update: Hat and the White House

Last weekend was a boring weekend except that...

I made a hat!  My first hat I ever made!  And the first hat I have worn in years, actually.  I usually just pull a scarf up over my head, but I look a wee bit crazy.  The pattern in Shroom by Lee Wood Juvan.  The yarn is Berroco Peruvia. It's just the right amount of slouchy to fit my pony tail under.

I look CRAAAAZZEEEEE!! (and pale...)

The embarrassing thing?  I bought the yarn Friday night after work and finished it before I went to bed.  Meaning that I did NOTHING Friday night other than knitting and watching Brothers and Sister.  Blah.

I guess I also blocked a couple of things, including reblocking the Travelling woman shawl I made in September.

My dad got be blocking wires which makes blocking lace A MILLION times easier.

From last weekend, I should let you know that I got to go to the White House Holiday Open House.  There were trees:

A shrine to Bo the dog:

And cool handmade trees and wreaths:

See?!?!  That tree is made of newspaper!!

And carolers:
Sneaky Carolers...hiding behind the tree...

A 350 pound ginger bread house (that I failed to get a picture of...sigh...) and Truman, hiding in a stair well (I think I take a picture of him every time I go on a White House tour):

 In other news, I might have gotten my first commissioned piece of work.  Mittens!  Picked out beautiful baby alpaca/merino blend for them...so soft and warm.